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Underground Transgender Models to Transsexual Superstars

Vintage Transsexual Pornography - The Early Years

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the 'shemale' was very much a niche pornography interest, you had to really go out of your way to see such material. I think I was 18 when I heard through a friend of the existence of shemale pornography. My friend had a tale to tale from a drunken lads night out in London, where in Soho, the seedy redlight area of London was explored to the full. The high light of my friends drunken trip was seeing magazine images of 'women with co*cks', on a variety of displays in the seedy sex shops. Naturally my friend had to express how freaky he thought the whole thing was.

My first exposure to shemales was on a day trip to France where I purchased a copy of the French edition of Paul Raymonds Club International magazine, this girly magazine was much stronger than the English edition. In the back pages near the small ads were a number of images of this pre-op transsexual called Shannon.
She was the first shemale I ever saw. I was completely fascinated and mesmerised by the duel male and female imagery.

Hard core pornography was banned in the UK during this time, although a thriving market  was growing through 'under the counter sales' in many unlicensed shops.

The first shemale video I purchased in a Soho sex shop, was indeed 'under the counter'. The assistant selling the video had to get a screwdriver out and unscrew the counter top, revealing the secret sash of illegal VHS tapes. I selected Trisexual Encounters No.6. (Trisexuality an early word for shemale never caught on) He then had to spend time reassembling his counter top. Needless to say it was a cash only transaction. Later trips to buy more shemale films at the same store showed a new arrangement. The store by this time was very busy and it was no longer practical to hide the films. I was even in the shop when the police raided. We where all pushed out by the police and the shop was closed for an hour. A small van arrived shortly after with new stock from the illegal duplication plant, and they were back in business. There was obviously so much cash to be made. Todays world is rather different.

Back in those days the early stars of such films were very thin on the ground. I just want to cover three of the most popular models used within the adult industry at the time.

Shannon as I have already mentioned, was a very young and pretty pre op transsexual model who appeared in many magazine runs and videos. Her most famous video was Twice a Virgin 1984 which featured her before and after her operation in a number of sex scenes.

Here is the synopsis of Twice a Virgin:

The supremely-beautiful and excitingly-erotic Shannon sizzles as "Twice A Virgin". This real life docu-drama is based on the actual sexual exploits of the world's most beautiful and sensuous human beings. "She" was born with a stick of dynamite between her legs and a sexual time bomb ticking in her soul.

At the home of a famous writer, Shannon bares all... graphically detailing, by flashbacks, her amourous exploits with a processing of beautiful females prior to her sex-change. This is followed by visual vignettes involving a series of male companions - each trying to outdo each other in bed.

I can happily report that Shannon is alive and well today. Judging from her Face Book page she lives a normal and happy post operative live. She has not aged at all either, she looks great.

Angelique Ricard (aka Sexy Suzy, Sensational Suzanne). Little can be found out about Angelique Ricard, but she did appear in a photo shoot with Tom Byron for Color Climax in the late 1980/early 1990s. She also appeared in a few films during this time. Her later shoots showed her as a shadow of her former self, and sadly she died of AIDS in the late 1990s. There are a couple of fan sites for her on Yahoo Groups.

Angelique Ricard With Tom Byron, part of a Color Climax shoot from the 1980's

Here we have the very pretty Angelique again as a maid, which
part of a maid fantasy photo shoot.

Sulka, born in 1962, lived in the Hollywood area and was as I understand discovered and promoted by Kim Christy and Jennifer Jordan (New Female Mimics owner).

Sulk's appearance was very striking as her looks were obviously supplemented by very early facial feminisation surgery. Her look was rather false and over feminine with oriental cat like overtones.

Sulka appeared in a huge number of magazines which featured pre operative transsexuals. She also made a few films in the 1980s too, such as Dream Lovers, Sensuous Sulka, Sulka and Candy, Sulka's Wedding and Divine Atrocities. Her SRS was covered in the film The Transformation of Sulka and her later film Sulka's Daughter suggested that her operation was so successful that she was able to give birth!!! She even worked with mainstream porn actors such as Ron Jeremy, as she did in Sulka's Wedding in 1983.

After her fame in the 1980s she became a recluse, she remained living in the Hollywood area but it is reported that she supplemented her income by providing crossdressing make overs. For more Sulka info and links see A Gender Variance of Who's Who
Angelique again on the cover of FMI magazine

Todays world is very different. The above ladies should be remembered as the originals and the first to start what could be a phenonimom. Perhaps they should be classed as pioneers?

The interest in shemale pornography has really exploded over the last ten years.

According to Game Link the most popular consumers of shemale pornography are based in California and New York.

Most consumers of this material consider themselves to be heterosexual as well. It's often thought that the sexual desire of the pre operative transsexual, hides a more deeper desire within the person who consumes it. Perhaps even a hidden transgender self, which the pornography allows the expression of it by proxy?

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