Friday 10 June 2016

She-Man Feminisation : A Forced MTF Movie

She Man Forced Fem Video
She-Man Film Poster

Forced Male to Female Video. Gender Transformation

Here we have another rare and early attempt at transgender fantasy film making. This film features crossdressing, hormones, blackmail, a lesbian and a transgender dominatrix who controls everyone. The basic story follows a young man who is blackmailed, forced to take estrogen and become a full time French Maid for a very convincing crossdressed dominatrix called Dominita. I actually thought Dominita was played by a real woman when I first watched this film.

She Man Forced Fem Video

The film really tries hard to be serious but it will probably just give you the giggles, but this film is an important piece of movie memorabilia. The film is even introduced by a 'medical doctor' who tells us about the serious nature of transvestitism and a plea for tolerance of crossdressers.  A very low budget ensures that the acting is wooden and the script is cheesy. Having said this, the film is very watchable and a genuine curio.

Albert Rose (Leslie Marlowe) is a spoiled rich young man who receives a mysterious letter concerning a secret from his past. He is quickly flown to a hotel room in Florida, where he quickly realises he is the subject of a blackmail scheme. The blackmailer, Dominitra (Dorian Wayne) demands twenty thousand dollars and one year of servitude from Albert.

She Man Forced Fem Video
Feminized as a maid for her mistress Dominita
Albert is then whisked off to Dominitra's home where we see other 'transformed' victims of the cruel Dominita. The rules are men must dress and act like women, and women must dress and act like men. Albert's is re-christened Rose Albert and put on a diet of female hormones. There is a love interest element too as Albert falls for another servant, Ruth (Wendy Roberts), and the two team up to try and stop Dominitra. Can they stop Dominita, will Albert reclaim his masculinity, will Dominita get her wig pulled off in the final scene?

The film is downloadable is from Something Weird Video, and it is also available on a region 1 DVD as a double feature with The Sins of Rachel.


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