Sunday 13 February 2011

The Schzoid Man an Alternative to the Autogynephilic Pervert

 A little while ago I received some abuse on a forum where I posted some opinions regarding the support of autogynephilia. Or at least I thought it was abuse at the time. It was the old tired argument where a career minded transsexual activist was shouting that autogynephila does not exisit, despite a number of people on the thread admitting the symptoms of AGP. The TS did not suffer from any of the AGP traits found them disgusting and so was of the opinion that AGP did not exisit and that people championing autogynephilia where men with a basic fetish, no different to a man liking stockings and suspenders on a naked woman. On trying to convince the TS that it was more than just a simple fetish as AGP contained gender dysphoric problems, she back fired and stated that the condition was in fact Schziod Personality Disorder, nothing to do with any transgender issues. Here is a bit I copied from Wiki on the subject.

Schziod Personality Disorder carries the following 3 groups of characteristics:

1. unsociability, quietness, reservedness, seriousness, and eccentricity
2. timidity, shyness with feelings, sensitivity, nervousness, excitability, and fondness of nature and books
3. pliability, kindliness, honesty, indifference, silence, and cold emotional attitudes.

People with SPD are sometimes sexually apathetic, though they do not normally suffer from anorgasmia. Many schizoids have a normal sex drive but some prefer to masturbate rather than deal with the social aspects of finding a sexual partner. Therefore, their need for sex may appear to be less than those who do not have SPD, as individuals with SPD prefer to remain alone and detached. When having sex, individuals with SPD often feel that their personal space is being violated, and they commonly feel that masturbation or sexual abstinence is preferable to the emotional closeness they must tolerate when having sex.

I personally don't agree with the TS who felt satisfed that she had diagnosed the AGP condition.  SPD traits can be applied to most people at any given time.

I sometimes wonder if the gender condition is tied in with my inner shyness with women and relationships, to the point where I have created a woman out of myself and have created a gender dysphoric condition myself????

Here is a sip from a very interesting page Jack Molay pointed me to via Twitter:

"I did not display stereotypically female characteristics as a child. Nor, I should say, did I display the usual male ones either. I was painfully shy, and prone for a long time to ineffectual frustration rages. I spent most of my time reading and watching TV. But my primary, and most effective sexual fantasies during my teen and adult years would be immediately recognizable to anyone who has read anything in the genre of “tranny fiction”. Feminization, either forced, or otherwise not by my own responsibility, was what did it for me. And to this day, despite being almost eight years post-op, those continue to be the most potent sexual fantasies I have."

Evidence that AGP continues past SRS!!!!!!!!

Anyone Enjoy Ballet?

Here is a trailer for a recent Tranisa film I did for those with a ballet fetish. Now that is a serious fetish LOL. Enjoy!!!


  1. Did you feel the urge to masturbate while presenting as female was *less* when taking hormones?

  2. Years ago when I received hormones they switched off the sex completely. Stone dead. Since using low dose patches I found I experienced a degree of feminisation whilst keeping the drive. The drive actually became a much more pleasant exerience. The worry then was I was feeding my AGP, perhaps bringing down my own end.

  3. I feel I want to experience a degree of feminization myself. Have you heard of Puearia Mirifica? It's a plant from SE Asia which contains miroestrol, an estrogen mimic.

    While not as powerful as exogenous hormone supplementation, I have heard that it produces mildly feminizing effects including some breast growth.

  4. Regarding me and masturbation:

    The "urge" comes the next day, say, after I've been out for a night presenting as female. Thinking about the night, being dressed, being female, the compliments I got, all that...makes me really horny and I masturbate with the image of myself as female in my head.

    This is straight-up AGP isn't it?

  5. My personality traits fit the description of SPD. But the same traits also fit the description of: 1) The myers-briggs ISFP personality type 2) a "love shy male" (aka male lesbian) 3) AGP

    Although I was not really shy of women; I had 63 sex partners from the time I was 16 until I was 23. Doesn't seem very shy does it?

  6. Hi Christy
    It is interesting the urge comes the next day and not during the actual role play. This is the same for me. The eroticism comes from the anticipation of the event.

    I'm aware of such plant extracts but I don't know of any genuine research that proves the feminising ability of it.

    Anyone can easily fit into the traits of SPD, it's too broad, regardless of being transgendered etc etc. But it did make me think outside the box regarding AGP which is good. And you're not shy :-)

    Off to read your new blog entry....

  7. I find it interesting too; one explanation I've thought about is dopamine depletion and my using masturbation as a way to *keep the buzz going* so to speak.

    I think the excitement (but not arousal) of presenting as female for an evening might produce an intense dopamine rush. I also get the same rush when I DJ for a packed dance floor while presenting as a man. In both cases, the next day I get this overwhelming urge to masturbate.

    It could be that my dopamine levels are low after a night of crossdressing or DJing and that my brain is seeking those elevated levels again and knows what to do to get in the absence of stimuli.

    I hope that makes sense...

  8. On a different note, I'm on week six with the Puearia Mirifica and it is definitely doing something...

    My libido has dropped off considerably, my smell is changing, my skin has become more "matte", not oily like it was. My boobs are not sore per se, but they are uncomfortably tender.

    I am really enjoying the loss of my libido actually...I felt so driven by it.