Monday 30 October 2017

Trans Hypno Therapy

Trans Hypno Therapy

Tranisa presents another forced feminization classic.
Lara and her husband are having marriage problems so they decide to try and solve their problems by visiting a doctor. Lara's husband is rather sexist and has very old fashioned ideas about Lara's role in their marriage. He want her to be more submissive and 'to do as she is told'. The doctor has other ideas and decides that the problem is with Lara's husband not Lara. He is soon transformed into panties, stockings and a big pink sissy dress to make HIM more submissive. A great fun male to female transformation of a sexist husband into a sissy plaything for his wife. 

You can watch this film now here

Friday 6 October 2017

Feminization an S&M Fantasy? : Georgette Dee in Seduction the Cruel Woman

Seduction The Cruel Woman (Verfuhrung: Die Grausame Frau) is a 1985 West German film directed by Elfi Mikesch and Monika Treut. The film stars Mechthild GroƟmann and Georgette Dee. Mechthild plays Wanda a dominatrix who runs a gallery in Hamburg. She lures and seduces men and women of all types into her S&M play world where audiences pay for the privilege of seeing her performing with her slaves, including her feminized Friederike.
Georgette Dee

Georgette Dee plays a fascinating but small part as Wanda's feminized secretary and slave Friederike. The film opens with Friederike in a male sailor costume, but after this opening scene we next see her happily typing away at the typewriter performing her secretary duties for Wanda. From this point on we only see her as a female.
Wanda in a thoughtful moment. Probably gets her best ideas in the bath?
 "How can I feminize Freiderike more?"

Georgette is featured in many scenes within the film but sadly her character is not fully explored. The main theme is the lesbian relationship Wanda has with her American female lover. 

Friederike gets her reward
There is one scene where Friederike is rewarded for her services as a feminized slave by being given a tattoo which is part of a humiliation and public display S&M scene. I presume this is a reward for her devotion to her own feminisation at the hands of Wanda.

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The film is very dark, dreamy, hypnotic, erotic and bizarre. The tag line quote on the film poster for the film was, "A stunner....This is S&M by Avedon, outfits by Dior". In fact there are some fantastic outfits and Mechthild does look stunning the the variety of outfits she wears. There are some great scenes for those with a shoe fetish too. The film looks good in stills but for me the assembly of the film needed a bit more gloss, as the film can seem a little boring to some, but not if your fetish is featured. Monica Treut wrote her PhD thesis about sadomasochism so she does know what she is talking about.

I originally saw the film at an art house cinema back in the early 1990s. I was mesmerised by the movie at the time. Seeing it years later on the small screen I was disappointed. I think the enjoyment came from the atmosphere within the cinema at the time, or perhaps it does not translate well to the small screen.

Georgette Dee, is trans herself, her roots seem to be from performing in subculture transvestite cabaret. Georgette was awarded the German award for 'Small Art' in 1994, known as Deutsche Kleinkunstpreis. I can't find out much information about Georgette as all the interesting text appears to be in German.
Friederike in an S&M moment

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Male to Female Transformation Movie Trailer - Triple Echo

A short while ago I wrote  about the forced crossdressing movie Triple Echo, (read the entry here). At the time of writing there was no movie trailer available anywhere, but I did find a copy on Super 8 film of the original British trailer.  Please bear in mind the quality is rather poor and the film had faded somewhat but I have done my best with it. It's a very good fun trailer I hope you like it. A Spanish DVD edition is available from Amazon here.

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