Friday 1 March 2013

Your Cock Has Gone!!!

Medical Sex Change Fantasy

Medical sexchange fantasies have always been popular. Here are a couple of videos by Tranisa Studios from the Medical Feminisation genre.

Sexchange Operation Sexual Fantasy

You wake up still sleepy in a hospital bed. You've just had a full sexchange operation and Dr Holly is here to ensure you understand that you're a woman now. Have you suddenly turned into a girl? God that obsession you've had for all those years, the craving to be a female - why in heavens name did you have to go through with it? Well Dr Holly together with the very pretty nurse Sapphire tease you into understanding your new status. Watch this film now WATCH THIS FILM NOW

Emergency Room Sexchange

EMERGENCY ROOM SEXCHANGE. Forced POV Medical Feminization. This is a super realistic forced feminization POV title, you'll love this. It starts just like any other day. You're out on your motorcycle enjoying the countryside lanes. Suddenly you skid and crash your bike. You're out cold. You wake at the local ER with Holly, Chessie and Sapphire looking after you. Your genitals have been badly damaged. The only thing they can do to save you is to give you a full Sexchange. You wake in recovery and are given the news. Your girlfriend Jessica turns up and is shocked to find you as a man with a vagina. The nurses soon convince Jessica it is for the best. Jessica also confesses that she has been seeing another man any way, so it does work out for the very best, for her at least. Breast implants and other surgeries are offered and Jessica is delighted at the prospect of it all. Jessica soon goes out shopping and encourages you dress as the woman you now are. Imagine being fully feminized at the hands of these girls.WATCH THIS FILM NOW

Here is a Long FREE Video of Tranisa Studio MTF Transformations