Friday 23 July 2010

Get Paid to be Feminised

Now here is an offer that does not come along very often.  Yes the offer is totally true, live out your fantasy, become feminised by real feminine women and get paid too. Yes there is a catch you have to be filmed.

My new web site TRANISA has only been up for 10 days and its becoming very popular. I don't have anything to offer as yet apart from the promotional video I made showing a recent photoshoot. I wanted to demonstrate that a high quality well made transgendered film can be made by us.

Tranisa is seeking skilled transgendered males who are willing to be feminised on film. We have a number of proposed scripted titles already but you are welcome to appear in your own fantasy. If you tell us what the fantasy is and it's feasible for us to do then we'll make it.

The site will offer tasteful films not pornographic but erotic. We don't feel we have to resort to hard core to make a desirable quality product. All the films we make will be made to a high level using broadcast equipment, purpose built sets and private locations. Each film may feature up to four real women who will be the other characters in the story. The eroticism will come from the situation the male finds themselves in, what is said and how the females react, the humiliation, the dressinging...... need I go on?

No one will be asked to do anything they don't want to,  we don't feel our films will cause any one to question what they are doing. It will be an advantage to any actor if they are willing to appear in as their male self before the transformation takes place. There will be other roles which do not require this but I'd like to start off with some which feature a transformation.

Obtaining the female models is not a problem for us but obtaining willing trans actors is another matter. So any help would be appreciated.

These films will cost real money to make and as such we at Tranisa want a return on our investment, but the downloads will be priced at a very reasonable price.

You'll be fed and watered whilst on site, your expenses to the filming location will be paid and you get an appearance fee too. See Tranisa for full details.

You would need to be available to the filming location in the UK.

Full details can be found at the Tranisa Feminisation website.

Keeping it all in your head or letting it take over?

One thing I have learned from others who identify with autogynephilia  is that there seem to be two types of heterosexual AGP types.

Type 1. The person never actually physically realises his fantasies in the real world, or even in private. Physical dressing does not take place. The fantasy and interest is kept under lock and key within their own head. I have always found it hard to understand how type 1 AGP's can control their fantasies so they are not driven to become a type 2 (below)

Type 2. The drive/desire is so strong that the brain commands the body to enact out the fantasy in the physical form. This may be in total private, in front of a trusted collection of friends or full on - going out and about dressed  in public to the local supermarket etc.

I personally fit into the type 2 category.

At first when as a young child of about 3 or 4 I fitted into the type 1 category. The thoughts and feelings grew ten fold over the years to what they are now. Any attempt at hiding the feelings for a period of time results in them coming out far worse at a later date.

I consider myself to be attracted to females and am constantly admiring the look of femininity. So much so that I want to copy it myself.

Please remember these blogs are just my own views. I have spent years obsessing with trying to deal with the fantasies I have. I researched and read every article and have decided to just put down my own thoughts on the subject with how it controls my own existance. What I write here is a brain dump and it may sound crazy at times.

If you're a TS who finds my posts offensive, there is no need to spend time writing to me to tell me how wrong I am about everything and that I'm a crazy schizoid fetishist who should shut up. I'm totally fed with people telling me that it's never been a fetish of any kind for them. Well good for you if that's the case, so go and enjoy life. Funny enough many who have said this to me are usually dressed in some form of fetish wear when they tell me. I've noticed that anyone who stands up and says hey I feel gender confused and there is a sexual side to it gets blasted very nastily.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Go On Just One More Dose....I promise it will be the last.

Pushing You Harder & Harder.  AGP a Lifelong Obsession

I have often thought that AGP has a kind of pleasure reward system behind it. Do a little something to give you that extra femininity and then you get the pleasure reward from doing so. I often feel like an addict  at the mercy of AGP.

Looking back over the last twenty years I feel my AGP thoughts have kept pushing me harder and harder to go down the road of transition. I go so far and then pull back and tell myself to pull myself together.

When I was twenty I had my ears pierced, no real big deal all the other guys were getting it done..... but in one ear not both like me. 

Nose job at thirty. I asked for a feminine nose, and the surgeon did his best.

I grow my hair long. I goto a ladies hairdresser as my male self. I'm given a woman's style of cut with out asking. The lady who cuts my hair knows a TS friend of mine so I guess she presumes I'm the same. I enjoy having it done like this.

The use of hormones to control AGP.  I'm not really sure if hormones control the AGP desire these days. They do make you feel better about yourself and help you feel more natural as a person. They take away the guilt I suffer with of being transgendered. As expected the hormones, even with a low dose over time have feminised me, which I like and take pleasure in the mental reward of doing so.

Boy George once said "We become our sexuality" I see a lot of truth in this. For me my sexuality is like a river running through me, its always there even when I'm not in a sexual mode. The cross gender feelings are always there even when I'm trying my best to pull myself together and be what I'm supposed to be.

I often just want to give up the fight and just give in to the whole thing, transition and hope for the best. But being at the mercy of the general public with acceptance is something I find very frightening.

New Web Site For Feminisation Fantasy

I've started a web site called Tranisa  to try and create quality non sexually explicit films which deal with all elements of trangender fantasy.

I've done a short promo film, which is on the main page of Tranisa, to demonstrate we can produce footage to a quality.