Sunday 26 September 2010

Tranisa Tranny Feminisation Videos Update

Last Friday was another busy filming day for the Tranisa team. Satine Spark and Masie Dee  two professional models were chosen our latest set of films.

Masie and Satine discover that Masie's husband is a secret transvestite, the postman delivers the post together with her husbands tranny mag. Masie accidently opens her husband post and finds the tranny mag. Both women confront Peter and decide to let him dress as Lisa and show off his feminine side to them. There is a little twist at the end which works well. In all quite a nice little film. Running time is 25 mins.

Another is a wedding dress fantasy where a chap is forced to dress as a blushing bride for a day by both Masie and Satine.

Another film we shot worked around a theme nails, stocking and shoes

I so much enjoyed working with Satine and Masie, both girls are just so lovely.

All being well we hope to be live at Tranisa 1st December 2010