Tuesday 24 January 2017

Forced Sexchange Film Trailer 'The Assignment' Finally Released

Hollywood does a forced feminisation movie? The Trailer is finally here for this new sexchange exploitation movie, which has been called transphobic. This film has been hanging around in limbo for a while now suffering quite a bit of controversy. The original title was Tom Boy, then it was (Re)Assignment and now it's been released as The Assignment.

The film centres on Frank/Tomboy Kitchen (Rodriguez), a contract killer who is seeking revenge after being involuntarily subjected to gender reassignment surgery by the sociopathic Dr. Rachel Kay (Weaver).

I have another previous blog posting about this film here which may interest you all.

Here is the trailer:

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Wednesday 4 January 2017

Forced Medical Feminisation

Forced Medical Feminisation Anyone?

Here are a couple of fun forced fem films available to watch here:

 The Feminisation Clinic:  Karina Currie in The Feminization Clinic. Part of our You Will Dress range of titles- Your wife has imprisoned you in a institution and your care has been assigned to the sexy but cruel Doctor Currie who explains that you are now fully under her care and that you have no choice but to submit to full feminisation and castration, the speciality of her clinic. You WILL be a woman!

Nurse : Young Dr Lepton is forced to dress as a female nures by the other female nurses. Elderly Mr Baker refuses to have any male doctors examining him. The private hospital needs his business so the ward matrom forces Dr Lepton the consultant to dress as a female nurse to examine him. Another quality Tranisa production filmed in two sets with multiple cameras.Staring Jessica Pressley, Paige Turnah, Lara Latex, Tiff, T & Frank. English language
Karina Curry is the cruel feminisation doctor
ready to transform and feminize you.
The pretty nurses have got to grips with the
feminisation of their junior doctor.

Both of the above films are available to watch here:

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