Saturday, 5 February 2011

Strapped In Silk Feminisation Hypnosis

I have always been very interested in all forms of hypnosis including self hypnosis. A few years ago I purchased a self hypnosis CD to increase my own self confidence for a new job I was starting. I found it actually worked very well for me, the effects became apparent after two or three plays in the right relaxed environment, with headphones on in a darkend room. I’ve found that you have to approach hypnosis with a positive frame of mind, as you have to want it to work. If you allow yourself to be ‘programmed’ by the voice with the positive aspirations then your thought patterns and viewpoint on the problem will change. The self confidence programming worked well for me and I always recommend some form of self hypnosis to anyone who has a problem which can be solved by changing the way you think towards a situation.

In recent years there has been the development of feminisation hypnosis. Which brings me to the subject of Bedtime Feminization II from Teresa Bowers at Strapped in Silk. Teresa has quite a cult following with her web site, blog and even Twitter. The Strapped in Silk website offers a full range of Forced Feminization, sissy training and hypnosis audio downloads. The site is very comprehensive and well laid out with excellent photography. There are more than a dozen, full length MP3's for you to listen to and download as well as previews of all her products for sale."

AND, a free photo gallery of The St Mackenzie Girls! The very sexy, very pretty, bad girls and teachers at an all girl school. It wouldn't be very hard (hard?) to imagine yourself there right along with them.

Teresa has a beautiful voice, which is very important for relaxing with hypnosis. I notice too that in her story samples she also gets into character very well depending upon the scenario.

The Bedtime feminisation II, file was easy to download in MP3 file format, which pretty much plays on anything these days. The talk down into the hypnosis trance like state is done very professionally with very suitable gentle background music. With Teresa’s voice you’ll soon be in Never, Never Land ready to accept the sound of her voice commands.

The hypnosis script is very clever and presses all of the right buttons for those who desire to become a submissive female. You’re encouraged to give up your male ego and become more feminine, to think like a girl and accept yourself as a female. Any form of guilt you have regarding your own submissive thoughts or desires of being female could easily be erased with this hypno file.

If you have your own fantasy that you would like Teresa to voice for you, either in hypno or story form, she is happy to create a personalised file exclusively for you.

Altogether a very relaxing and positive experience. Get on over to Strapped in Silk NOW !! "


  1. Yes, there is a cult. But its a nice cult and you get to wear special, cult panties!

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