Tuesday 21 June 2016

Boy Meets Girl - 3 Transgender Based Films

Transgender Transformation Movies

1. Boy Meets Girl (2014 dir: Eric Schaeffer)  is a very successful independent film which examines the life of a young pre-operative transsexual. The film is a very enjoyable romantic comedy, which has its serious side covering peoples prejudice and ignorance of transgender issues.

Michelle Hendley play the title role perfectly, herself a young transgendered woman, proving that such parts should be played by those within the trans community - when possible. Although the film is a low budget movie, it is extremely well acted and polished. Everyone concerned should be congratulated.

Boy Meets Girl is a funny, tender, sex positive romantic comedy that explores what it means to be a real man or woman, and how important it is to live a courageous life not letting fear stand in the way of going after your dreams. (From IMDB)

You can read an interview with Michelle at the Advocate Website. The film is available on Netflix and DVD. This is a must see movie.


2. Boy Meets Girl (ITV Series 2009) This television series is a body swap fantasy starring my favorite actress Rachel Stirling, and Martin Freeman. A perfect crossdreaming fantasy drama. I wonder if the makers of such a television series understand that such a story line is held as a deeply rooted fantasy by many crossdreamers out there.

Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) is directionless and dissatisfied with his lot in life. Working at a DIY superstore, he vents his frustrations on the customers when not pining for his co-worker Fiona (Angela Griffin), or foisting his encyclopedic knowledge of useless information onto loyal friend Pete (Marshall Lancaster). He is a world away from the successful and vivacious Veronica (Rachael Stirling), whose job as a glamorous fashion journalist provides her with a well-stocked bank account and an even better-stocked social calendar. Worshipped by her devoted boyfriend, Jay (Paterson Joseph), Veronica seems to have it all. When a freak accident traps the mismatched strangers in each other's bodies, the results are not pretty. As Danny and Veronica struggle with their new identities they begin to discover new truths about themselves. But besides learning to walk in high heels or being forced to 'slum it' with the working classes, the pair long to get back to their own bodies and, ultimately, their old lives. (from Wikipedia)

And here we have an interview with the very beautiful Rachel Stirling (she is Dianna Rigg's daughter). She also explains that she is no stranger to playing male parts.

3. Boy Meets Girl (BBC 2014) This BBC2 comedy series in six parts has proven very successful so much so that a second series has been commissioned and should be aired later this year. This series features transgender actress Rebecca Root, which adds to the whole realism of it all. Personally I found the series too light hearted for my taste, but don't let this put you off. The first series is available to buy on DVD.

It tells the story of the developing relationship between 26-year-old Leo (Hepple) and 40-year-old Judy (Root).[1] The script, by Elliott Kerrigan, was discovered through the Trans Comedy Award, a 2013 BBC talent search for scripts with positive portrayals of transgender characters.[2][3] Both Root and her character Judy are transgender, making this the first BBC comedy to feature transgender issues prominently, and the first sitcom to star a transgender actor. Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, the executive producer, stated "we always knew we had to get a trans actress – I don't think we auditioned anyone who wasn't trans for the role. It just didn't feel right." (From Wikipedia)

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