Tuesday 7 June 2016

Self Help for Crossdreaming, Autogynephilia and Crossdressing

Crossdressing & Autogynephilia Fantasy Help & Support

There are many who find their cross gender thoughts distressing and at times hard to cope with. Particuarly those who are not in a position to at least experiment with cross gender expression (crossdressing)  or  transition.

Trying to understand yourself can be tough, but coming to a form of acceptance within yourself is the half way point to some form of peace.

I want to highlight the works of two people who have both analysed their own cross gender identities in their own unique ways.

Jack Molay Crossdreamer Guru

Jack Molay started his Crossdreamers blog many years ago. During this time he has created a vast archive of studies relating to the cross gender condition which he describes as 'Crossdreaming'. His blog covers all facets and niche areas within the subject. There is a lot to digest but it is well worth the read and can go a long way to helping you understand yourself.

Jack is also the creator behind the popular Crossdream Life Forum which offers lots of self help suggestions for gender dysphoria.

Jack is also the author of the very popular book A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary

A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary 

Jack Molay presents a collection of very short essays, reflecting on different sides of the lives of gender variant, transgender and genderqueer people, crossdreamers and crossdressers included.
These essays are presented as entires in a dictionary of real and imaginary words relevant to gender variation. He looks at the ups and downs, confusions and revelations, invalidations and affirmations experienced by trans and gender nonconforming people.

"We need words that can help us understand our lives, our identities and our place in society," Molay says, "not because we are to use all these words in everyday conversations, but because they can make the invisible visible to ourselves and others."

The book also includes an extensive glossary of transgender and queer terms, a glossary that may be of use to many who are trans, have trans friends or family members or who work with gender variant people.
The Crossdreamer Book : A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary can be downloaded from this link.

Felix Conrad & The Trancend Movement

Felix Conrad's blog  is pretty new, but already he has produced a vast number of very helpful articles, pod casts and books to help you. Felix's approach is very outside the box looking at the gender dysphoria condition from a very fresh angle.

The Transcend Movement is a chill-out cafe for transgender people of all persuasions, including crossdreamers, transsexuals, and gender nonconforming. It overlooks the mediterranean sea.

Although we militantly defend the right to surgery, our community is developing an alternative to transition known as fusion. The first step in this radical therapy is to take up coastal living.
I totally recommend both of the above sites. From my own personal experience both Jack and Felix have help me understand myself.

Felix has also written a number of very helpful books on the subject of cross dreaming / autogynephilia. You can download and read his books form his Transcend Movement Site.

I really feel that both Jack and Felix's research WILL help you to understand yourself better, and will go a long way to finding an inner peace without perhaps the need for a full transition.


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