Saturday 26 January 2019

My Pretty Husband - Wife Accepts Her Crossdressing Husband

What happens when a wife discovers her husband crossdresses? 

Have you been caught crossdressing? Please let me know.

This trailer is from one of the first films we made at Tranisa, which examines what happens when a young man is caught out and discovered to be a secret crossdresser. The film is a happy film showing the positive side of what can happen when we believe the worst has actually happened.


Film is 'My Pretty Husband' from Tranisa.

Masie and Satine are having their coffee morning discussing what to wear at the weekend when the postman arrives. Masie opens a package addressed to her husband by mistake and is surprised to find a transvestite magazine inside. Both Masie and her friend Satine are shocked that Masie's husband Peter may be a secret crossdresser.

Peter returns home and is confronted by Masie and Satine. The truth is soon forced out of the very nervous Peter.

What follows is Masie and Satine's introduction to Peter's inner woman. The girls dress peter in feminine ladies underwear, matching bra and panties with some extra soft pantyhose for his girly legs. Makeup applied his face looks like a doll. The long red wig finally transforms Peter into a very convincing woman, much to the pleasure of the girls'.

Encouraged to be girly Peter soon forgets he is a man and enjoys his new future as the girls feminized play thing.

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  1. cant say i have been caught but my wife knows that i crossdress and wish to transition