Saturday 5 November 2016

Grayson Perry Crossdressing Artist New Transgender Series

New Transgender Series With Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry the crossdressing English artist, born 1960, best known for his ceramics, tapestries and his alter-ego Claire, presents a new mini series about transgender. The short series of films titled, 'Born Risky' explores three transgender individuals through the unique insight of Grayson Perry who uses his own experiences of being a crossdresser highlights the personal struggles of each person.

Perry states: “I am very proud to be part of Born Risky – it was fascinating, fun and a privilege to meet and work with three such brave, tender souls. If just one viewer feels more confident enough to live the gender they feel driven to live then we would have done our job, but I'm sure these lovely films will do much better than that.”

In the video below Grayson tells us how he had forced feminisation fantasies as a child, also how his sexuality was like 'Going through a maze in the dark pushing on the walls, and one opens....".

The series will be available online via the Channel 4 network of ALL4, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Here are some clips of the new series

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