Friday 25 November 2016

Crossdressing MTF Transformation Fun Short Films

Short Crossdressing Transformation Films

Here are some fun short MTF crossdressing videos I have recently uploaded. Each feature MTF ,crossdressing and transformation. Simply click on the photos and links below to watch the associated video on YouTube.  The full films are available via Tranisa.

If you are effected by crossdressing or the desire to be female check out Cross Dream Life forum.


1 Paige and Lara give our male a lesson in crossdressing and feminisation. Watch this now here

man crossdressed
A crossdressing and feminisation lesson at the hands of Lara and Paige.

2. A Wife finds out about her husbands crossdressing but to his surprise is very accepting. Watch this now here

crossdressed husband
A transvestite discovers his wife accepts his crossdressing

3. A MTF Crossdressing photo shoot. Watch the transformation now here

transgender model
MTF Photo shoot

4. A pretty and very feminine male is crossdressed and transformed. Watch this now

beautiful trans model
MTF of Pretty Boy into convincing female

5 A wife prefers her husband to crossdress as a woman. Watch this now
wife crossdressing her husband
Wife prefers husband crossdressed

Are you affected by crossdressing? Do you have cross gender feelings that you find difficult to talk about? Why not try Cross Dream Life at

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