Thursday 9 April 2015

The Danish Girl NEW TG FILM

Eddie Redmayne before and after for the new TG film The Danish Girl.
Currently in production The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne. In the film, Redmayne, 33, portrays Lili Elbe (born Einar Wegener), one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery. “The Danish Girl” follows the relationship between Redmayne’s character and wife Gerda, played by Alicia Vikander, during the transition, which took place in the 1920s. For more info on this story see the source here

In early 1920s Copenhagen, the illustrator and artist Gerda Wegener asks her husband, Einar WegenerEddie Redmayne to stand in for a female model. The popularity of the portraits leads to Gerda painting her husband in further pictures as a woman. Einer develops an attraction for a female physical appearance and begins living as woman named Lili Elbe. Ultimately Elbe becomes the first ever recipient of male to female sex reassignment surgery, and Gerda supports her decision, although their marriage becomes strained when Gerda comes to the realization that Lili is no longer the person she married. More Info from source here 

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