Friday 10 April 2015

Forced Fem Film - Unconditional Love

Forced Male to Female Transformation

Yes a mainstream film about forced feminisation. Well sadly this film is not mainstream enough. Although an English movie it does not seem to have a distributer over here in the UK. It was premiered at one film festival and I'm not aware of any other showings in the UK. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is a good film and the only way I was able to see this film was to buy the Region 1 DVD from the US.

This is not really a transgender film as the motivation is not of gender confusion, but it is of being forced to play the part of the female.

The basic plot is a young impressional lad is 'groomed' by a good looking older male into dressing and posing as a female. The older chap perhaps has a 'fetish' for girls with something extra. What starts off as a bit of fun soon becomes a confused nightmare. Well worth watching.

Here is the trailer:

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