Thursday 13 January 2011

Sexchange Regret, Retransition & A Forced Sexchange For Good Measure

A most fascinating documentary regarding retransition and sexchange regret. The other parts are also on You Tube.

"I simply grew out..... of the feelings I had, that made me want to live as a female" 

So what made someone grow out of these feelings? Was the whole desire testosterone fueled in the first place, perhaps by AGP? Judy/Josef Kirchner looked great as a female and was in every way a female when she is saying how she wants to be male again. Are there those who are truly duel gendered to the point  where they need to do one role full time and then another?

And what of Josef today? He has a new website 'Mangina Man'

His former web site Help Me Reverse My Sexchange is available

Forced Sexchange Fantasy? Anyone?

So if having a sexchange forced upon you is your fetish you'll enjoy this new horror movie which deals with just that, a forced sexchange. The film is called Victim. Watch if you dare!!!!


  1. wow those were great, thanks for sharing! I'll have to keep an eye out when that victim movie finally makes its way to dvd

  2. Seems like Josef Kirchner is still searching for happiness? Becoming mangina man doesn't seem to be all that fulfilling either.

  3. I had my surgery in 2004 at age 19. I certainly didn't have any regrets then and I don't have any now. I absolutely love being a girl. But, we are all different.