Monday 31 October 2016

Eva Man : Lost Transsexual Grindhouse Cinema

Transgender Movie With Eva Robins & Ajita Wilson Trans Actors

Any person who reads my blog will realise I have a passion for old obscure films, the more obscure the better and if they feature any form of gender blurring then fantastic.

Eva Man Film poster with Eva RobinsToday we will take a look at a forgotten film from 1980 called Eva Man (Due sessi in uno) starring two transsexual starlets, Eva Robins and Ajita Wilson. I have discussed the career of Eva Robins before in my blog entry about her film Mascara. For those who don't know Ajita Wilson, she was an American post op transsexual actress who appeared in many exploitation movies of the 1970's and 80's.  Ajita had a sex change operation in the mid 1970's. Her adult career started in New York but she was later discovered by Euro film directors such as Jess Franco, and she worked out of Europe appearing in many titles. Several of her movies are available today such as Sadomania by Jess Franco.

Sadly Ajita died of a brain haemorrhage after a car accident in 1987.
Eva Robins Transsexual video film poster

Back to Eva Man, I must confess I really don't know what this film is actually about. The only version I have seen is in its native Italian language. However for fans of the obscure and rare it has many elements of classic exploitation, or perhaps I should say sexploitation. There is murder, kidnapping, bad disco dancing, cheesy music and sex and more sex. Plus the two leading characters in this film are transgendered. Basically it's 'porno chic', before the advent of transsexual pornography became popular. So it's a first of its kind, a head of its time.

Ajita Wilson Transsexual Model Magazine Cover

One user on IMDB commented the following regarding the film:
"Since I dont speak italian i can only guess what this film is about, But its one of those films that are just so wonderfully absurd you like them anyway. And the disco tunes are fab! Plotwise i think its about some sort of professor conducting lovemaking experiments with people. His favourite subject is Evaman who is a nice looking blond with a bigger d*** than her boyfriend. some bad guys want to kidnap Evaman and cut of her genitalia with an axe and everyone has sex and swims around naked in a pool. It might actually be ment as some sort of comedy but we cant be certain."

Eva Man Film Video Loby card

Not a film for everyone. But remember back in 1980 Hollywood was sill shying away from presenting transgender people in film, unless their character was somehow corrupt or unsavoury, and got killed at the end by the heterosexual hero. Ok, as I said this is a sexploitation - a soft to medium porno (with a story)  but the transgender characters are celebrated, perhaps as curios, they are not shown as bad people but as sexual Goddesses.

As far as I'm aware the film is not available to purchase. I would love to see a 2k or 4K remastering of this film with sub titles. If anyone knows of such a restoration or the future availablity on Blu Ray release please let me know.

Here is a video tribute to the film Eva Man enjoy.....

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  1. Thankful for your taking the time to share. Being ts had never been easy on me

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Also, just curious, are there any plans for more Transia movies? Those were tops!

  3. Many thanks for your kind remarks re the Tranisa movies. They were great fun to make. I would hope to make some more middle part of next year, when we have a location available for filming.