Thursday 20 August 2015


Forced to take female hormones 

Have you ever had the forced feminisation fantasy of being kidnapped and force fed female hormones whilst in a coma. Beyond your control you're forced to accept the hormones and all of the changes that they do over a period of say 3 months.  When you wake up you're shocked at how your body has changed. But what can you do? You're forced to accept your new life.
The Film Poster for Shock Transformation
Well that's the story line of a film I made a little while ago at Tranisa.Com. This was a great fun film to make, but it could not have been possible without the help of the three stars Holly Kiss, Lara Latex and Kat Rosily. All of them really put the effort in to create a very convincing forced feminisation story. Kat is a pre op TS and has been on hormones for many years so it was an ideal role for her. 

TG Caption from Shock Transformation
The trailer gives you a good taste as to what to expect

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The film is available to watch over at Tranisa.Com. In the meantime here is another TG Caption from the film to enjoy.
TG Caption from Shock Transformation

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