Monday 23 July 2012

German Tootsie 'Rubbeldiekatz'

I finally got myself a copy of Rubbeldiekatz, which translated means Women in Love. This is similar to Tootsie but it does hold out well as its own film. As you'll see from the trailer and images the guy really makes a super girl, really very pretty. My only criticism was some of the humor did not translate that well for me. Each country has its own type of humor, but I still very much enjoyed watching the film. The DVD is available in Region 2 with English subtitles.  Well worth seeing.

Here is a review originally published in Exberliner  

A desperate actor dresses in drag and passes himself off as a woman to land a film role; he falls for the lead actress and becomes her confidante to get closer to her; she discovers his masquerade and all seems lost; she forgives him and they live happily ever after. If any of this sounds at all reminiscent of Tootsie, that’s probably because it’s a shameless rip-off. Beyond that, it’s also a lacklustre attempt at lampooning the philistinism of the American film industry – ironic for a by-the-American-numbers romcom with a stolen (American) plot.

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