Monday 15 November 2010

I must apologise for not adding entries as often as I should. I've been so tied up with the Tranisa project that I've not had much time for anything else.

I promise during December I'll put up some more back on topic AGP and crossdreaming personal stories and thoughts.

I've also decided to separate the Tranisa entries from this blog. This willl be the last time I'll talk about Tranisa on this blog. The new blog for all Tranisa news is now here.

In the meantime I'll just end by showing you some latest stills from the movies which will be released 1st December.

Both films feature Kat who was very keen to appear in our films. Ever so pretty and so very convincing.

One of the films centres about a worried mother who takes her son to the Doctors as he looks 'too girly' only to find out he is allergic to his own testosterone. Guess what happens!!!!

Trailers for all of these films will be up on the Tranisa site as well as on our own YouTube channel on 1st December. I have no idea if any of this will work or not it will be a great shame if it didn't as no one is really doing what we are doing. 

If any readers of this blog of fans of such material want to email me with any fantasy stories that they would like filmed I'll promise to try and film them if feasible.


  1. I am 16 years old and I am autogynephilic too. I love your videos, but I can't afford them. It is not only about the price, but especially because I don't have the possibility to pay online (I do not possess a card) :(

  2. PS I am from Romania and here online payment is not so common

  3. I LOVE this trailer! Probably the best, most realistic video I've ever seen. (Actually I've only watched trailers but this is great!)