Tuesday 10 May 2016

Trans Film : 'Laurence Anyways' Revisited

Going through my DVD collection I my found a copy of the transgender film Laurence Anyways.
I had forgotten what a masterpiece Laurence Anyways is. This is one of my true favourites of trans cinema but it's probably not for everyone. It's very long at 159 minutes and it was filmed in 4:3 which makes it a little awkward with todays modern 16:9 widescreen world. The 4:3 filming ratio was chosen to give it a more 1980's look, which for me is the only fault with the film.

Laurence Anyways studies Laurence and his partners relationship across many years,and the focus I feel is through the partners eyes. The film is non trans traditional, Laurence on the surface appears to be a masculine male and when crossdressed he uses is own very short hair with no wig for many early sequences.

There are many abstract dream like moments within the film, which may annoy some viewers. However for me the whole trans experience is rather dream like in itself. Fact and fantasy often blur and you can't see the wood from the trees. So when a film like this uses some rather dreamy imagery I rather welcomed it.

Here is one sequence of the film which takes a short break from the story presenting a music video of Laurence's partner having a night out and being rather tempted by the attentions of a good looking man.

And finally the trailer and plot synopsis via Amazon where you can buy the DVD:

            If you enjoy feminisation and forced crossdressing check out our Transgender Film Site

Multi-awarding 23-year-old filmmaker Xavier Dolan writes and directs his most ambitious feature to date LAURENCE ANYWAYS, the epic love story of a man (Melvil Poupaud) who decides to undergo a sex change and the dramatic effect it has on his relationship with his girlfriend (Suzanne Clément). Thought-provoking and stylishly shot the film dazzles, featuring music from Fever Ray, The Cure, Duran Duran, Visage, Depeche Mode and Scottish composer Craig Armstrong.

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