Friday 6 August 2010

Autogynephilia - Narcissism over the edge?

Me in Devon about 15 years ago.
I was browsing the web earlier today and found a post I posted five years ago on a TG forum. This was when I first came across the AGP word. I was surprised how much time I have invested in searching myself over the years, without gaining much from it. It wasn't until I discoved Jack Molay's Crossdreamers thread that I felt I found a common ground to rest my head. Anyway here is the old post I did:

So what exactly is autogynephilia?

The theory behind autogynephilia states that there is an entire group of transsexuals who are in love with the woman they fantasize themselves to be. They are in love with the woman they believe is inside them, or the woman they would be if they were women. This fantasy expresses it self in a sexual way and should not be confused with a general fetishism over wearing womens clothes. In most cases of autogynephilia it is the 'wearing the body' of an everyday woman. Autogynephilics may also see the sex change operation (SRS or even orchidectomy) as the ultimate sexual fantasy, so there may be an element of sado masacism attached. A post-op ts friend of mine once quoted that SRS was in fact, 'the ultimate sexual masacistic act'. So I think I understand her a little more since reading up on autogynephilia.

Many autogynephilics also pretend to be attracted to males in their sexual roleplay fantasies. The strange thing is when asked to describe the male they are having sex with, it is noted that the male is faceless. This goes onto prove that the male figure is a form of a stage prop to fulfill and justify feelings.

There is no reason why the theory does not apply to cross dressers as well. The difference would be the degree of infatuation, and the extent to which one was willing to go to bring the love affair to fruition. Many who have these feelings do go through the whole busing of changing sex. But are they happy, would they say if they were not happy? Autogynephelia is a neat and handy explanation for such phenomena as cross dressers increasing their activity the more frequently they dress, and the sudden switch to transsexualism at a later age. The more one cross dresses the "closer" one becomes to the love object until consummation becomes a necessity. Since the love object can only be obtained by externalizing it, the person must become the love object. Still with me?.

Interesting stuff don't you think. I would be interested in exchanging emails with anyone who has any comments about autogynephilia or feels they may be an autogynemetaphilic based transsexual. There are many TG's out there who do,in my opinion fit this description. However getting TG's to admit to any such thing is another matter.

So where do I fit in with the gender spectrum with reference to autogynephilia? Well I’m sorry I’ll have to be as vague as everyone else and keep that a secret too.

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  1. I am an AG, I like to wear sexy underwear and I have sex wit men but I use these men as the last detail in my fantasy of beeing a woman.

    I act like women in bed to feel like a woman.

    I am VERY narcissistic in DRAG 5 i feel power full and I like to be able to choose with wo I will have sex likewomen do) and in my every day life in man.

    Once I was in a sex party, I was sitting in DRAG, several men wear naked around me. I would have prefered to see the dressed but I felt VERY exciting to be able, without even talking, to indiacate to a man that he could go closer for a blowjob. I was just making a move with my hand and the guy know he could have a blowjob. He was like a puppet. When I didn't like a dick, I was just moving my hand and the guy culd only look frustrated how I suck other men.

    This was very exciting. I felt like the master, in control, sexy and desired.

    Isn't this rather narcissistic ?